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Wheelie Region
Excerpt taken from national automotive magazines

Hudson Austin from Chester Springs, PA writes:

"Dear Sir or Madam:

I have just arrived home and wanted to immediately express my gratitude and appreciation of the service I received at your facility.
Last Saturday I struck a pothole and was able to locate your company after a referral from a friend of mine that had used your service. I called your offices and was told approximately what to expect with the damages I incurred from striking the pothole.
I was finally able to make the trip to your office today, Wednesday. I had a few meetings that ran late and called to ask where I could leave my wheel outside because I would be late. I was told that someone would be there until 6:00 pm. I called at 5:50 pm to find out how close I was to your office, and your staff member helped me to find my way to your office.
I brought my wheel in and one of your wheel experts reviewed my wheel. After examination, it was determined that there was a crack in the wheel at the spokes. Your staff member showed me exactly where the crack was, and said that I would need to get another wheel. Much to my surprise, you had a matching wheel and were able to provide the wheel to me right then. This saved me additional time and effort to locate another wheel, and I could not have been happier.
Upon my departure, your staff gave me better directions to get home, told me where to get gasoline, and helped me get pictures of the damage to my wheel to submit to the Township where the damage occurred. I left completely satisfied and felt that I must share the experience right away. Thank you for providing great service.
Hudson Austin
Wine Consultant and Account Manager"

Paul Thomas (Memphis TN):

"Ed, I thought I would drop you a note regarding the 2003 Audi Allroad wheel. OUTSTANDING!!! I could not be more pleased. The wheel looks so good it makes me want to replace the other three. The wheel is showroom perfect. Thanks, Paul Thomas "

Werner Meier:

Ed, I'm delighted with the job you performed when remachining (refinishing) the '67 Corvette aluminum wheel. Thanks for the great job and prompt service ... as well as a most reasonable price. Werner Meier

Mark Thomas of Coronado CA:

"Dear Daryl and Ed!

Our father has received the 2004 Audi A6 17" BBS RC wheel and is THRILLED with it! Thanks so very much for your good service and great work!
Mark Thomas"

Jay Edson of Princeton NJ, Porsche Boxster owner:

"Thanks for a great repair job (on my HRE 18x10" 3-Piece aluminum wheel).
There is a famous quote from the author Arthur C. Clarke: "Any sufficently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Well, what WCC did to repair my wheel was magic!
Thanks again,
Jay Edson"