Buckle and Bends

Happens to both the inner and outer lip of the rim resulting in air pressure loss, uneven tyre wear, vibrations while driving and alignment issues.  In most cases, bent wheels can be safely straightened.

Repairs are carried out by professionals using state of the art technology and equipment.  Each repair is carefully inspected before and after the straightening process to ensure the wheel is safe for performance. Our “while you wait” service is available at any Wheel Collision™ Express Rim Repair Centre at a participating Tiger Wheel & Tyre Store.  For the network of repair centres Click here .

Recommended Repair:

  • Quick Fix – Straightening OR

  • Full refurbishment

Bent wheel symptoms: warning signs to watch out for:

Unexplained vibration: If you feel a sudden, inexplicable vibration while driving, this could indicate a bent wheel.  If the vibration comes from the steering wheel, the front wheels could be bent; or if a vibration is felt in the seat, it could be emanating from bent rear wheels.

  • Shaky steering: If your steering feels shaky or unresponsive, this is a definite red flag.Take corners and bends as smoothly as possible until you can get a proper diagnosis, as tight cornering on a bent wheel could easily lead to tyre blowout.

  • Punctured tyre: A bent alloy wheel will lead to a puncture if it is not treated. As the tyre sits flush against the wheel, even a slight bend in the rim will slowly leak air your tyre until it is rightly punctured.

Bent rim: On an alloy wheel, a bent rim should be instantly noticeable. If you notice even a tiny bend, take your vehicle to a professional for further inspection.