SANRAL states that South Africa has a road network of 746 978km, whilst a few of our national highways have been upgraded generally roads deteriorate daily. Adverse weather conditions, a poor public transport system, urbanisation and heavier traffic on most of South Africa’s extensive road network combined with the sluggish maintenance and repair result in the glaring reality with the emergence of potholes and even sinkholes.


And even though maintenance work continues, it hardly keeps pace with “impact” on motorists and hefty repair bills on motor vehicles as motorists must navigate the multitude of potholes on the road networks. The South African Automobile Association estimates that about 60% of South Africa's roads are pot holed or need maintenance. This means that for every 100km driven, about 60 of those kilometres will be on a damaged road that puts motorists and their vehicles at risk.


This deterioration, coupled with inadequate funding, has resulted in motorists being exposed to an ever-increasing number of potholes daily. In 80% of the cases when hitting a pothole, it is the rim, one of the most safety critical items on a vehicle, that gets damaged and not the tyre. This is exacerbated as many motorists are unaware that they have damaged their wheel, as the wheel is often damaged on the inside which is not visible.


Consequently, motorists must repair their vehicle's wheels, and to a lesser extent replace wheels and tyres often at their own expense, as many insurers exclude damage because of road hazards which includes potholes, or if covered, the costs of the repair fall within the excess. In 2010 the South African Road Federation reported that the lack of preventative maintenance costs motorists R50-billion in vehicle repairs and injury every year, there has not been a public update on these figures, the Arrive Alive website estimates that poor road conditions in South Africa may be costing the economy as much as R18 billion a year in addition to the individual costs inflicted on road users.


The need for a product that provides a cost effective, customer friendly solution is unquestionable. The Wheel Collision™ Club Membership (Membership) our loyalty program provides consumers and insurers the cost-effective solution in managing ever increasing costs associated with maintenance and risk of owning and insuring vehicles.


Membership products are easy to understand and the process to redeem benefits is paperless. Members can go to any Wheel Collision™ Centre, Tiger Wheel & Tyre or TYRES & MORE® store to redeem benefits.


The Membership is vehicle specific, in other words each vehicle must have its own membership registered against it. The Membership provides benefits to Members based on the product they purchased or received through their intermediary.  Our standard range of products available through Wheel Collision™ and select dealers is as per the benefit summary below.​ Bespoke products will be different.

Club Membership products and options


Once the membership has been activated the benefits will be redeemable 30-days (term membership) or 60-days (monthly membership) after activation.  Service benefits are dependent on the product option you have selected as per the option reflected on your schedule provided by your Intermediary. 

Benefits are redeemable within the period of the Membership you have selected.  To redeem any benefit Members must provide our authorised dealer with the vehicle’s registration number or the Members mobile number, which is required to register and process the redemption of benefit services.


1. The Member must go to the closest Wheel Collision™ Centre (WCC), Tiger Wheel & Tyre (TW&T) or TYRES & MORE® (T&M) as follows to redeem benefits:

product options

2. Provide the claims handler with the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or registration number or the Members mobile number which is required to redeem the Benefit.

3. The approved dealer will validate your membership with Wheel Collision™ Club Membership which will include verification of the vehicle, financial status of the membership, the product option and benefits the member wishes to redeem.

4. Once the Membership is validated the benefit will be authorised.

Click here for  the Wheel Collision™ Club Card Membership Agreements.