Applicability of Product and/or Services Terms and Conditions

  1. The Product and Services Terms and Conditions on this website are the General Terms and Conditions pursuant to which Wheel Collision (“Us” or “We”) will provide services to Customers ("Member", "You" or "Your").

  2. The Terms and Conditions of any Product or Service offered by Us (together with any relevant documents referred to in them (including the Website terms of use)) set out the terms relating to the redemption of any such benefits and/or services provided.

  3. ​ Product, services and provisions may vary dependent on their applicability such as but not limited to the option choice selected by You, a bespoke product or service, any promotion or voucher.​

  4. ​Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Us, no other terms and conditions endorsed upon, delivered with or contained in an end user’s or a Reseller’s purchase order, or in any other similar document, will amend, or vary the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

  5. ​We will not liable for failure to fulfill any obligations under any Agreement or for delays in delivery or performance due to causes beyond our reasonable control (Force Majeure). Our time for performance of any such obligation will be extended for the period of such delay, or we may, cancel any order or remaining part thereof, without liability, upon notice to you.



  1. All wheels are repaired according to The South African National Standard (SANS1158).

  2. All work carried out by Us has a full audit trail including X-Rays of each wheel repaired and/or refurbished.

  3. All our work carries a lifetime warranty on workmanship, and a manufacturer’s warranty on paintwork we have completed.

  4. Please read the full terms and conditions of the Warranty.