We value:

  • Professional and honest communication with our Customer.

  • Working within an ethos of passion, pride and as a team.

  • Innovation.

  • Integrity, trust and transparency.

  • Timeous delivery.

  • Customer and Employee satisfaction.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR).

  • To significantly impact the South African Motor Vehicle repair industry by revolutionising the way the way in which damaged wheels are repaired.

  • To maintain the highest possible quality management system in the wheel repair industry.

  • To create a customer friendly and cost effective way to repair wheels.


Our Directors and Management Team have between them more than 100 years’ experience in the automotive industry, specifically qualified in the operational aspects of wheel repair, product development and regulatory compliance and are expertly qualified to handle any repair request.



Wheel Collision™ is the ONLY entity in the repair and refurbishment of automotive alloy wheels in South Africa that is recognised & accredited by the SABS as compliant with the Standard (SABS ISO 9001 & SANS1158).

Wheel Collision™ brings you world-class technology, with quality workmanship to repair your rims and tyres to Original Equipment Manufacturer standards (OEM).


Driving around with cracked rims compromises the integrity of your vehicle and puts you and your loved ones at risk, and replacing your wheels is often very costly. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our repairs as well as wheel polishing, painting, powder coating and chrome plating services all at competitive prices.

Cracks and dents caused by curbs or potholes can cause serious damage to your wheels, often going unnoticed to the naked eye, hence we make use of our state of the art X-ray machine that detects hairline fractures ensuring 100% guaranteed repairs on all our work. 




Wheel Collision™ leads the industry in straightening alloy wheels, using proprietary machinery restoring wheels to OEM specifications using patented wheel straightening machinery and real-time x-ray technology to ensure 100%-wheel integrity. 


During May 2015, the South African Bureau of Standards approved of and published a South African Standard SANS1158:2015 Edition 1 – Wheels, Tyres, Rim Dimensions and Repairs, in accordance with procedures of the SABS Standards Division in compliance with Annex 3 of the WTO/TBT agreement (“the Standard”).


Wheel Collision™ is compliant with the Standard and that per the SABS (a juristic person and registered public entity in terms of the Standards Act 8 of 2008) is the only entity in the repair and refurbishment of automotive alloy wheels in South Africa that is recognised and accredited by the SABS as compliant with the Standard, and SABS ISO 9001 accredited.


Wheel Collision™ offers a lifetime warranty on workmanship and a manufacturer’s warranty on paintwork.





Wheel Collision™ is committed to the building of a better South Africa and in its expansion from one branch in Gauteng to having a national footprint with multimillion investments into the KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape branches has been able to create more job opportunities.

To enhance this investment, Wheel Collision™ in partnership with Tiger Wheel & Tyre has launched Wheel Collision™ Express Rim Repair facilities in the Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores for people on the run who need an express repair for buckled rims without losing the integrity of the process, as all rims are X-Rayed. 

Wheel Collision™ Express Rim Repair facilities are up and running at Tiger Wheel and Tyre – Sandton, Fourways, Melrose, Westgate, Boksburg, Nelspruit, Pinetown, Vanderbijlpark, Polokwane, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Midrand. Watch this space for updates as we continually roll out Wheel Collision™ Express Rim Repair facilities around the country.

Our innovative Wheel Collision™ Club Card Membership, an affinity product allowing you to repair damaged rims at a fraction of the cost it normally does with added benefits. Do it, do it now, join the Club. Wheel Collision™ Club Card Membership is available at selected motor dealers or directly through our branches.

SABS ISO 9001 & SANS1158 (compliant with the Standard & as per the SABS the only entity in the repair and refurbishment of automotive alloy wheels in SA recognised & accredited by the SABS as compliant with the Standard.






Wheel Collision™ believes in investing in the future and being corporate with a conscience. Click this link for more.